Our People

The Guardian Actuarial team comprises experienced, passionate staff with qualifications in actuarial studies. We also partner with experienced professionals from other disciplines to build strong teams who can develop solutions to difficult problems.

Julia Lessing, Director

Julia Lessing established Guardian Actuarial to provide specialist analysis to support and inform planning and delivery of human services. Julia is a qualified actuary (FIAA) with fifteen years’ consulting experience. She specialises in analysis and modelling, and is skilled in managing large projects with multiple stakeholders and tight deadlines.

Alison Visser, Consultant

Alison Visser joined Guardian Actuarial excited about the prospect of applying her strong analytical skills in new fields. She has a strong grounding in risk management and holds the internationally recognised Certified Enterprise Risk Actuary (CERA). Alison is an Associate member of the Australian Actuaries Institute (AIAA) and is working towards her fellowship designation.

Taylan Akay, Statistician

Dr Taylan Akay has over fifteen years of postgraduate analytical experience gained both government and private sectors. He has experience with a wide array of parametric and non-parametric statistical techniques ranging from data driven clustering and task specific classification features based on multidimensional data analysis and linear/nonlinear analysis approaches like kernel principal component analysis to generalised linear models.

Felicity Lessing, Graphic Designer

A picture tells a thousand words! Felicity helps us present our findings using pictures and infographics, which helps bring the numbers to life. She uses her visual communication and design training and expertise to help convey our results to a range of audiences.

Quality Reviewers

Every project we complete is subject to a quality review from another highly skilled professional on our team. This reviewer is carefully selected based on their specialised technical and/or industry knowledge to enable a high quality contextual review for that project.

Skilled Professionals

We assemble a team of professionals with the necessary skills to meet the specific needs of our clients for each project. This involves careful selection of skilled actuaries and other professionals such as statisticians, evaluators and subject matter experts.

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