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Is Part-Time a Dirty Word?

1 March 2018

People choose to work part time for many reasons, such as juggling caring responsibilities or study commitments. However, there are often negative perceptions relating to part-time workers. Read more.

What is the actuarial investment approach and how can we make sure it works in human services?

30 November 2017

Around the dinner table this week, my teenagers and I have been talking a lot about work. Our conversations have focussed on how much we get paid from the work we do. One of my kids has a few friends who are about to leave high school before year 12, attracted by the lure of full time work. This sparked some speculation about whether that would be a good move in the long run. Read more.

Are you working from home, or “working from home”?

28 September 2017

I have a confession to make. I love working from home. Some of my best work has been done wearing jeans and sneakers, with the background hum of the washing machine and dogs barking. In fact, I’m not sure how I could manage a professional career and raise four children, while living in a regional area, without the ability to work from home on a regular basis. Read more.

Two Years of Guardian Actuarial

3 July 2017

One of the nice features of LinkedIn is the ability to connect with people in your network around important milestones. Over the last week I’ve been delighted to hear from so many of you, sending congratulatory messages about my two year anniversary at Guardian Actuarial. Thank you! Read more.

How can actuaries help in human services?

28 May 2017

Last week I participated in the Actuaries Summit as a plenary speaker, encouraging delegates to “Think Differently” about the role of actuaries in tackling some of society’s wicked problems. This article covers the key themes from my presentation. Read more.

Is there really a gender pay gap for actuaries?

29 January 2017

My eldest daughter is 17 and has just finished high school. She told me she’d seen a newspaper article showing actuaries on the list of the 50 best paid occupations in Australia, but noticed that female actuaries earned less than male actuaries. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!  Read more.

I am a consultant and I’m here to help!

19 January 2017

“What do you do?” is such a common question at social gatherings. It’s also a question that many actuaries dread. The extroverts among us might glance from our shoes to yours before we answer the question: “I am an actuary”. Read more.

My top tip for those new in their careers – volunteer!

3 November 2016

Many of the skills I regularly utilise at work were not learned at university or in the workplace. I was recently invited to share some career tips at a Young Actuaries Program session. In preparation for the session, the convenor sent me a number of questions to guide my discussion. Read more.

Reflections on the first year of Guardian Actuarial

29 June 2016

Some might say that business is in my DNA. I grew up watching my mum working out of the lounge room as a dressmaker, making cabbage patch doll clothes and school uniforms for local families. My dad had a range of businesses, ranging from mowing lawns to private practice as a barrister. Read more.

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